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About us

About company
The new way of perceiving or tasting Coffee, as if it were a note of music.
Perceive our coffee with your 5 senses
Food products and supplements.
Freshly roasted coffee beans, capsules, teas and infusions, chocolate...


We bring enthusiasm, a desire to work, to bring fresh air to a business that has been developing for centuries. Because we think that not everything is said or done. We want to contribute new ideas, new concepts, new sensations and experiences.


We want to be travel companions for all those who seek and want something different, something really good. Our fundamental principle is quality, Quality in capital letters, understood and applied in all the processes involved in coffee, from the selection of raw materials to the cup of coffee that reaches the customer, we want that cup of coffee to be merit of all.


We want to be next to the hotelier at every step because our goal is to satisfy your client, who to a large extent feels like ours.